Rent Best Business Class Cars for Business Services and Events

All self-respecting business people follow a certain created image. It’s said that people meet in “clothes”. In the business world, this is not only about the business itself, but also about the vehicle it uses to attend meetings, business meetings, events and other events. Unfortunately, nobody can predict what will bring a new day: it happens that the business meeting to be visited is in a completely different city, and your car either in repair, or it is not at all. In such a situation, we offer you to take advantage of such a service as “rent a car business class with a driver.”

Renting a passenger car with a driver has gained popularity in our country only recently, unlike the western countries, where such services have long become commonplace. Less than twenty years ago, hardly anyone could think that renting a minibus, a minivan with a driver, an auto business class will be available to every Ukrainian.

We guarantee that each of our cars and vans regularly undergoes a maintenance procedure. Our professional driver, who has a huge experience of transportation behind the shoulders, will help you to get to the specified place without delay, will be polite with you.

Cars  for events

Do you need a car for a wedding? We offer to rent the best business class cars. Triumphs of various kinds, the issuance of your beloved wife with a maternity home, an anniversary – rent a car with a driver, thus solving his problem with a transfer. You can safely move around the city, while not considering the route so as not to get into a huge traffic jam, do not waste your own power to drive the vehicle. We provide a great deal of choice to our customers, even the most discreet person will be able to find something for themselves.

We also provide such services as renting a minibus to the airport, renting a business class car at the airport with the driver. We will meet with you and your relatives from the plane, whole delegations from your partners, business trips, groups of tourists and guests who have come to your holiday.

Our democratic prices will allow you to order a car, a minibus is inexpensive. Cars and minibuses can be used for hourly rent, and for the minimum transfers in Kiev. When renting a car with a driver in Ukraine, the cost will be calculated at a certain rate per kilometer. If necessary, you can contact us – the operator will gladly help you find the right kind of transport for the most comfortable transfer.


Best business class car models for transfer:

Toyota Camry V70 черная 2018. Аренда премиум автомобилей


Toyota Camry v50 is a great Japanese car with a spacious interior and a decent fit




Audi A6 2017 black. Аренда люкс авто



Audi A6 C7 is a German stylish and large car with a powerful character



Mercedes w212 Black. Аренда mercedes



Mercedes E-klass W212– Famous car around the world. It is exactly what it is used for a shuttle service in the business sector, in virtually any country in the world




Honda Accord 9 – For lovers of business sedans with a sporty appearance and a rich salon


BMW 530 2016 white. Прокат элитных авто



BMW 5 F10 is an unchanging classic with a sporty character. The luxurious interior is executed in a modern style and with innovations BMW

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