The Airport transfer. What is it, what transport is better to choose.

Трансфер Аеропорт

Airport transfer. What is it, what transport is better to choose.
At a time when all travelers are familiar with hotels and air tickets, unfortunately, not everyone knows about the transfer. And in vain, because it is very convenient. When ordering a transfer service from the airport, you will be met upon arrival and taken to your desired vehicle in a personal vehicle. Or vice versa: if you need to go to another country or city by plane, you don’t want to think about how to get to the place of departure in time, you will get the service Borispol Airport Transfer. What do you get when ordering a transfer from us:

• Organizing a meeting at the train station or airport

• Provide vehicle with driver

• If a train / plane is delayed, the driver will wait for you.

• Guaranteed delivery of tourists to the designated point and assistance in accommodation

• No baggage limit

• Meeting with a sign

• The ability to order additional convenient services, such as renting a mobile phone with the ability to create an Internet access point to connect a laptop, or to store off-season outerwear.

What are the advantages of transfer:

• You pay only for the service itself, the company is responsible for the remaining expenses.

• There are no time limits if you warned us in advance (for example, in the case of departure departure)

• You save your time

• Safety guarantee

• The price does not differ from the cost of a taxi, sometimes even cheaper

Interested or have questions? Then be sure to contact us – we will be happy to answer all questions and help with the choice of cars.

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