Order a transfer is the same as ordering a taxi, but for a number of reasons, this service is much better. Main differences and advantages of the transfer: - You immediately select the type of transport and the class of transport - Minibuses and buses are available - Immediately choose the method of calculation. Possible payment on the site by card or cash payment. - You will meet with a sign, and they will help with suitcases - Possibility to order additional services - Saves you time, since the car arrives at a clearly specified time - You need to order in advance - Drivers with a knowledge of a foreign language, will provide you with any help during a meeting or a trip - Fixed price - Possibility to order an auto chair for a child
To order a transfer: Enter the date and time of the transfer Select the departure point Select destination Choose Transfer Type (One Trip, Return Trip) Select the type of transport Choose additional services (if required) Pay your order. The maximum number of passengers is 30. Buses for more than 30 people are also present in our fleet. Since additional information is required for ordering this kind of transport, we accept a request for reservation of such transport. After processing the information - we provide feedback to the client about the possibility of providing such transport and all conditions. Order transfer is possible 7 hours before the vehicle's arrival time An inscription with your name on the meeting plate will help you find your driver faster. Changes in the order are possible only with the prior agreement with the Transport Company.
1. The transfer service can be paid on our website using Visa or MasterCard bank cards issued by Russian, Ukrainian and European banks. - Provide details of your bank card: number, owner name, card validity period, CVV2 / CVC2 code - Confirm your consent to the conditions for creating and canceling the reservation. After entering the data, click the "Pay" button. 2. The services can be paid by Visa or MasterCard when making a transfer to the driver. In cars there are POS terminals available 3. Also for your convenience, we accept payment in cash in the national currency. 4. We accept cashless settlements by prior arrangement and registration of corresponding documents. We expose the account, if necessary, we will execute the contract. Please note that payment is made for car, not for one passenger.
To cancel a transfer order: Select the order you want in the My ticket section. Click the Cancel button. Confirm the amount before return. Please note: - The funds will be refunded upon cancellation of the order in a timely manner. - Check the deadline for the refund on the booking page before the payment, in the section "My orders" after authorization, as well as in the transfer order letter, which will be sent to the e-mail. - If the order is canceled later than the specified time, the money is not refundable. - In case of force majeure, the full cost of the transfer service shall be refunded. - The charge of a payment system is not refundable.
- After a successful booking of the service by e-mail indicated during the reservation, a transfer order letter will be sent, which will generally be available in the "My Orders" section. It contains all the necessary information about the order, as well as the order number in the online reservation system - The driver will meet you with a sign in a certain place. - The customer's waiting time at the railway stations and bus stations, as well as within the city and intercity connections is 20 minutes, at the airport upon arrival - 1 hour. - After this service is considered fulfilled and compensation to the client is not paid. - In the event of unforeseen circumstances (flight delay, etc.), the waiting period will be extended in proportion to the time delay.
If you need a car seat for a child, report it in the Comments box, with the age and weight of the child. If necessary, the driver will take a child seat of the appropriate size.
If there is a large baggage (skis, wheelchairs), be sure to report this in the Comments field before making a payment - in which case you will be offered the appropriate transport.
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